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How Our Reviews Work

Every organization has a story, a narrative that makes them unique in the crowd—and it’s our job to discover that narrative and tell the world how great it is. By using the employee feedback we gather through our Trust Index© Survey, we’re able to assess the culture of an organization based on five principles that define the overall concept of what an employee views as a great workplace. In addition, we examine the workplace through our Culture Audit© Management Questionnaire, a census modeled around what we find to be the nine primary practice areas that define a great workplace.

Our reviews are built to precisely measure the behaviors and environment that form the foundations of the world’s most desirable workplaces and organizations . The metrics we gain from our Trust Index© Survey and Culture Audit© form the basis of the Great Place to Work company reviews. Leaders, academics, and the media the world over all count on Great Place to Work’s research to establish an objective standard that defines a great workplace.

What is a Great Place to Work?

The workplace landscape is always changing—keep up, and you’ll undoubtedly see positive results.

Thirty years of research and experience have enabled us to define what it means to be a great workplace, to understand how to measure the trust in the workplace, and how to help any organization become a great workplace.

Whether through our Certification Program or our Culture Consulting services, Great Place to Work ® has the tools you need to assess and improve your workplace culture according to the global standard of greatness. As a result, your organization —and your employees—can achieve their full potential and drive performance to new heights.