Great Place to Work® Certification helps to leverage your employer brand across the Middle East.  It is the first step towards understanding how your employee experience stacks up and getting recognized for the great workplace you’ve built.

Great Place to Work® Certification is a gold standard that organizations aspire to achieve. Business leaders and researchers rely on Great Place to Work® metrics — the Trust Index© and Culture Audit© to establish the standard that defines a great workplace.

Great Place to Work® Institute conducts research on workplace culture and recognizes leading workplaces in close to 60 countries on six continents. Based on results of surveys representing over 12 million employees and more than 8500 companies around the globe, these best companies’ competitions form the basis of the world’s largest and most respected set of studies of workplace excellence, management and the role of trust in workplace culture.

It Pays to be Great Place to Work-Certified™

Grow Your Bottom Line

A healthy culture means a financial advantage in a competitive marketplace. Certification tells investors, candidates and vendors that you’re a safe bet.

Increased Innovation

Companies that build an Innovation By All culture generate more high-quality ideas, realize greater speed in implementation, and achieve greater agility—resulting in 5.5 times the revenue growth of peers with a less inclusive approach to innovation

Attract Top Talent

It is easier to recruit new employees when you have been certified as a great place to work. We have also found retention is higher at high-trust organizations.

Know What’s Working

Assess and benchmark your culture against the world’s most successful companies. Our data identifies opportunity areas and provides a roadmap for how to improve – all in metrics that are easy to understand.

Earn National Acclaim

Great Place to Work-Certified companies have a chance to steal the spotlight by ranking on one of our many Best Workplaces lists produces annually throughout the Gulf Region, on our Asia List and our Global Best List.

Attract Top Talent

Brand yourself as a company that cares and wins customers’ attention and loyalty. Certification gives you the marketing resources to build brand recognition and the actionable insights to drive real business results.

How it works

Conduct the Survey

Choose a two-week period to deploy our world-renowned Trust Index© Survey to employees.

The Culture Brief

Provide details about your organization’s programs and practices through our Culture Brief™.

We Analyze Results

Summary report providing your average scores for the five dimensions of trust.

Get Certified

If 7 out of 10 employees give you positive ratings on your survey, congratulations! You’re Certified.

Get Recognized

You’ll receive a Great Place to Work® Certification badge and eligibility for all of our Best Workplaces lists for 12 months and your Great Place to Work® Online Profile for you to fact-check and publish.

The Culture Audit

Certified organizations complete the more detailed Culture Audit© if you wish to be considered for our Best Workplaces lists in the Middle East.  Lists are published throughout the year.

How We Support You

Our team is here to help you get the most out of your culture efforts.

Customer Center

Check response rates in real-time and access project documents using an online portal.

Communication toolkit

For guiding employees through the survey process

Project Management Support

Via email and phone during business hours

PR toolkit

To tell the world your business is a uniquely great place to work and learn

Professional consulting

Engage our consultants to further help you transform your organization

Here are just some of the Middle East’s best workplaces. Could you be one of them?