Get Your Brand Recognized

Great Place to Work® Certification helps to leverage your brand across the Middle East.  Getting certified is the first step towards understanding how your employee experience stacks up and getting recognized for the great workplace you’ve built.

How Great Place to Work® Certification Helps


Recognized as Great Place to Work Certified for 12 months


Attract and Retain
Top Talent

It is easier to recruit and retain employees when you have been certified as a great place to work.


Employee Feedback

Listen to employees and measuring the performance of your business



Assess and benchmark your culture against the world’s most successful companies

Increase Innovation

Companies that build an Innovation by all culture generate more high-quality ideas, realize greater speed in implementation, and achieve greater agility


Win Customer’s Attention And Loyalty

Certification gives you the marketing resources to build brand recognition and the actionable insights to drive real business results


Grow Your Bottom Line

A healthy culture means a financial advantage in a competitive marketplace. Certification tells investors, candidates and vendors that you’re a safe bet


Earn National And Regional Claim

Get the chance to steal the spotlight by ranking on one of our many Best Workplaces lists produces annually throughout the Gulf Region, on our Asia List and our Global Best List

The Process To Get Certified

Step 1: Survey your Employees

Select a 2-week period to launch the Trust Index©, our research-backed employee survey.

Step 2: Complete Culture Brief

Provide details about your company’s programs and practices on our Culture Brief.

Get Certified

Meet our benchmark for Certification and you’ll be eligible for more than a dozen additional recognition opportunities.

Some Of The Middle East's Certified Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Great Place to Work Certification?

Great Place to Work Certification is an accreditation which demonstrates to the market that you are an employer of choice while also helping you become an even better workplace through reporting, analysis and next steps to enable an even more successful culture.

How can an organization become Great Place to Work Certified?

If you have 10 or more employees in one office in any of the Middle East countries, you can register on our website to start the Certification process. We’ll conduct our Trust Index©

survey and if your survey score is 65% positive or more, and you complete the Culture Brief© (a management questionnaire), then you will become Great Place to Work Certified.

For how long is Great Place to Work Certification valid?

The Certification is valid for 12 months and you will be automatically considered for all relevant Best Workplaces™ lists during that period.

Is there a deadline for Certification?

There is no deadline for Certification and you can start the process anytime. Once you are Certified, you will be considered for all relevant Best Workplaces lists for 12 months.

However, there are deadlines for each of our Best Workplaces lists. For us to consider you for a particular list, you must be Certified by that list’s deadline mentioned in the list calendar.

What is the difference between a Great Place to Work Certified organization and a Best Workplace?

Great Place to Work Certification means organizations have achieved 65% or more positive response in the survey. From this Certification, the organizations receive a variety of benefits.

Best Workplaces are defined by various criteria and are identified from a larger pool of Certified companies. Take a look at some of our recently published Best Workplaces lists. Certification is a mandatory step towards becoming a Best Workplace.

How long does the entire Certification process take?

The entire process can be done in 4 weeks. It takes about a week to set up the survey, two weeks to run the survey and a week to analyze and deliver results.

Is the survey confidential?

Yes, the survey is absolutely confidential and we don’t share individual responses with the employer.

How is the survey administered?

We send unique survey links to all email addresses you share with us and we collect the responses online. You can track the live response rate through a link shared by us. The survey takes about 10 to 12 minutes to complete. We can also conduct paper-based surveys if your employees don’t have a work email.

What happens after the Certification expires?

Once the Certification expires, you will not be able to display your Certification badge and you will not be considered for Best Workplaces lists. To retain your Certified status, you’ll need to conduct the employee survey every 12 months

What happens if we don’t get Certified?

We keep results completely confidential. We never disclose the names of companies who participate in the process but do not get recognized.

While it’s disappointing not to be recognized, going through the process is still extremely valuable. You gain the benefits of employee feedback and can use our helpful reports and analytics to gain actionable insights about your business. We have culture coaches available if you’d like a little expert support along the way. And when you’re ready, try again!