About Al Muhaidib Social Foundation

Al Muhaidib Social Foundation is an institution concerned with early childhood in all its pedagogical, social and educational aspects, through the provision of programs and initiatives concerned with early childhood, in partnership with the government and private sector.

Al Muhaidib Social Foundation was registered under the name “Abdul Kader Al Muhaidib Charitable Foundation” in 2014 – a private charitable foundation registered at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development under the License No. 135. During its journey, it aimed to establish initiatives concerned with early childhood development, and other initiatives concerned with humanitarian work.

Establishment Characteristics

Human sensitivity and charitable support are apparent behaviors in Sheikh Abdulkadir Al Muhaidib, who strongly believed that the success of investment and business only comes through the promotion of charitable work and community service.

Sheikh Abdul Kader (May God rest his soul) was keen on establishing this value and belief in his children and grandchildren to be passed down generation after generation.

Ever since the establishment of investment in the 1940s, the charitable work was accompanied and associated with this success; as Al Muhaidib SF’s social work has gone through greater phases, developments and breadth over the years, until we came to the establishment of the Al Muhaidib SF to become the social arm of the Al Muhaidib Group.

Al Muhaidib Social Foundation

Website address: www.amsf.org/

Date founded: 2014

Number of employees: 9

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AlMuhaidibSF

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UChbOQ0ydCBsBYQvga6GYqAg 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/almuhaidibsf