Qatar’s Vision

In 2005, the State of Qatar established the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), an onshore financial and business centre, to attract international businesses to Qatar to develop and diversify the economy.

Qatar’s National Vision 2030 envisions the country’s path to a knowledge-based society, where the fossil fuel industry is only one of many substantial business sectors. As financial regulators, we work hand in hand with the local financial community and international bodies to make this vision a reality.

Who We Are:

As the regulator of banking and financial services firms authorised to conduct business in the QFC, we play an important role in helping to build the economy and the business culture of Qatar. Our practices are built upon the highest standards of ethics, transparency and professionalism. As a rule-maker holding authorised firms to strict accountability for their business practices, we expect nothing less for ourselves.

The RA is the first public sector organisation in Qatar to receive the Great Place to Work certification.

80% Employees say this is a great place to work a. Qatar vs UAE – 4/0
To celebrate Qatar’s famous win against the UAE in the 2019 AFC Asian Cup semi-finals, the Finance department invited all RA employees to a Qatari-style feast featuring two kinds of Machboos, salads and vegetarian dishes.

b. MasterChat
Celebrating recent graduates of the HEC Paris in Qatar master’s degree programme, Strategic Business Unit Management (SBUM), with specialisation in Financial Regulation. “

Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority

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Date founded: 2005

Number of employees: 125