Employee Surveys

Employee surveys you can trust

Benchmark data to rely on

Easily administer employee surveys and see your company’s results, analysis and actionable insights from Great Place to Work®.   Our benchmarks are of the recognized best workplaces in the Middle East and around the world.

Beyond our standard Trust Index© Survey, you can add the People Manager Scorecard and connect your managers’ results with our TrustImpact online reporting and action planning tool.  Or add the EVP Index questions to your Trust Index© Survey to gain greater insight into your organization’s Employee Value Proposition.

Trust Index© Survey

  • Make the Trust Index© survey the backbone of your employee feedback architecture. Our Trust Index© Survey helps you understand employees’ perception of your organization culture.
  • Customize the survey by adding additional questions, demographic options and languages for your organization.
  • Identify high-impact focus areas through our detailed analysis report and insights sessions by our consultant.
  • Get access to unparalleled country, regional and global benchmarking of your data compared to the best workplaces.
  • Create an employee engagement mindset in the organization by empowering leaders and managers to receive a manager scorecard and create their individual development plans.

Online Reporting and Action-Planning Tool: TrustImpact™

  • TrustImpact is a comprehensive employee experience management tool which allows you to go beyond the data, develop action plans and continuously measure via an employee pulse.
  • Easy to understand insights supplemented with benchmarks.
  • Multidimensional slicing and dicing of employee feedback data.
  • An intuitive and procedural Action planning interface with Best Practices.
  • Visibility of Action plans created by managers to HR team and Leaders.
  • Review the alignment of action plans with overall organizational strategy.
  • Frequent Pulse surveys to see the impact of your initiatives.

People Manager Score Card

How effectively do your managers create a great workplace culture?
People managers play a key role in engagement, productivity and performance of their team members. Great managers enable their teams to give their personal best and work together to achieve common business goals. Great Place to Work® Institute has designed a 20-statement survey module that can be included in your Trust Index©  survey or  administered separately to seek frequent feedback from employees on the quality of their interactions and experience with their managers. You will receive an organizational understanding of the perception in various workgroups and each manager can also receive an individual report of his/her team feedback. This can also be followed up with a half-day workshop to interpret the scores and help managers create an action plan.

Employee Value Proposition Survey

Employee Value Proposition Survey infers employees’ perception of your organization culture.
Great Place to Work® Institute uses a unique methodology to help an organization identify and define a unique and compelling employee value proposition. The focus is on identifying the attraction, engagement and retention drivers of the key talent archetypes within the organization. This module has 18 questions which are added to the Trust Index© survey.  The report provides detailed insight, and our consultants can support you in defining the roadmap to deliver your EVP brand promise.

360º Assessment

The Great Place to Work® 360° Trust Appraisal© survey infers contribution of your people managers to a great workplace culture.
It evaluates the attitudes and behaviors of individual managers, including senior leaders, frontline supervisors and department managers. Great Place to Work® designs and administers 360-degree Trust Appraisal© surveys. This offers individual leaders specific feedback about how they are perceived by their supervisor, colleagues, as well as direct reports. The instrument can be customized to suit your organization’s leadership competencies.

COVID-19 Survey

We are offering several resources and tools from Great Place to Work® that you might find useful given the current health and financial crisis we are in, including a COVID-19 survey so you can get a pulse on your employees right now. One option is no cost and a more customized version is available at a low price point.  Importantly, we will be using this opportunity to analyze our collective results, produce a white paper and hold a webinar on lessons learned.  If are interested in participating in this study and getting some data back from your people, please connect with us today.

Free Online Courses

Given so many people are now having to work from home, we are offering a free online course for you and all of your employees on “how to work from home”. It’s offered through our online training partner, Loeb Leadership.

We are also offering the Making An Impact online course useful for all employees, and a Virtual Work series that includes “Maintaining Balance During the Coronavirus,”  “How to Work from Home,”  “Leading Remote Teams,” and “Igniting Team Cohesion”. If are interested in these courses, please connect with us today.