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We Can Help You Make Culture Your Competitive Advantage

Join the thousands of organizations that use the Trust Index© survey annually, and benchmark your culture against the global standard of a great workplace. Comprehensive and easy-to-use, the Trust Index© survey enables you to analyze your employees’ perceptions of the workplace, compare results to key benchmarks, and receive custom recommendations.

Trust Index© Survey

Our decades of research have revealed that a great workplace is the one in which employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with. The Trust Index© survey measures the employee experience and equips you with accurate, in-depth views of the current state of your workplace culture.

Easy to customize and implement, the Trust Index© allows you to quickly compare internal results between work groups, locations and other demographics, as well as benchmark yourself against the Best Workplaces list in your respective GCC country or another group of customized compactors selected by size, sector, country and more.

After reviewing results from the survey, a Great Place to Work® culture consultant can work with you to:

  • Understand and interpret your results
  • Quantify linkages to your strategy and performance
  • Identify high-impact focus areas for your organization
  • Deliver an on-site presentation of survey findings, key drivers, linkage to business results, high leverage focus areas, recommendations, and drawing on insights.

Great Place to Work® Roadmap

Building a high-trust and a high-performance culture is a journey and we know the path. Over the last 30 years, Great Place to Work® has performed an in-depth research into what makes an organization great. While much has changed in the workplace in the last three decades, one thing remains constant: a high-trust and high-performing culture is essential to becoming a great workplace. Research has revealed that there are a proven set of strategic investments that Best Workplaces make to develop and sustain a high-trust culture – ultimately driving their leading brand and performance in the marketplace.

Our seasoned culture consultants take a thoughtful, data driven, and systemic approach, designed to identify and catalyze the change your organization needs in order to deliver your business’ goals.

Contact us to learn how our consultants can partner with you to build a high-trust, high-performance culture.

Workplace Culture Assessment Services

Identify gaps between the culture needed to achieve your goals and the culture your employees currently experience. This in-depth audit analyzes policies, practices, programs and management behaviors, as well as their impact on prospective employees, new hires, tenured team members, and those exiting. We provide recommendations on how to strengthen practices in order to improve the consistency of high-trust, high-performance experiences for all employees.

Action Planning & Leadership Development

Equip your leaders with the tools they need to foster teamwork, achieve efficiency, and deliver results through Great Place to Work®’s leadership development and action planning services. These offerings are collaborative – tailored to align with your needs and designed to give participants insights into their own leadership style, as well as proven practices they can adapt and implement with their teams.

Leadership Development and Change Management Trainings & Workshops

Learn how your everyday interactions are opportunities to implement best practices that foster high-trust, high-functioning relationships between leaders and employees. Discover and experience key behaviors and practices the Best Workplaces are using now to create an environment where employees are inspired to achieve more, which result in higher levels of productivity, profitability, collaboration, and innovation.

Executive Advisory Services

We understand how to improve leader effectiveness at the most critical levels of the organization. Through Executive Advisory Services, we provide executives and leaders with a trusted advisor who can provide an honest view into the human dynamics of the organization and the executive’s personal role and impact on the culture. We are committed to working with leaders to accelerate the execution of strategic goals and exceed performance expectations by making positive behavior changes that benefit their teams and the organization. We do this by showing leaders how to leverage their strengths, address issues, effectively manage change, and adopt practices that are proven to build high levels of trust while aligning to business priorities. Our advisors are adept at helping you design and implement culture changes that not only deliver measurable business results, but also sustain success by creating an environment in which employees thrive.

Focus Groups

Investigate specific issues or supply existing assessment data through focus groups. Focus groups provide deeper, real-time insight into your workplace culture through facilitated conversations between your employees and one of our expert and objective culture consultants. Our consultants will provide your leaders with an analysis and report, summarizing key issues and recommended next steps.

Here are just some of the Middle East’s best workplaces. Could you be one of them?