Manager Training

Create a high trust, high performing workplace

Equip your managers with the skills to create that workplace

Through our online training platform (coupled with mentoring and face-to-face sessions) or through our expertly facilitated in-person workshops, managers in your organization will learn critical skills to:

✔ Enhance effective two-way communication

✔ Model integrity and honoring commitments

✔ Engage in develop and performance dialogues

✔ Learn to lead others through influence and empathy

✔ Fostering collaboration… and more…

People Manager Capability Building and Certification

This 23-week online program is designed as an integrated learning experience for people managers.  Using the Great Place to Work® Model, it builds critical capabilities in effective two–way communication, collaboration and fairness.  Online learning is complemented with field work, tutoring and several in-person workshops.  Everything is described and analyzed through videos, individual and group activities, interactions with colleagues, talks with your tutor and face-to-face conferences. Participants that successfully complete the program earn Manager Certification.

Building Trust online learning experience

This 14-week online program is designed for leaders and collaborators who are growing within the organization.  This program supports the discovery of new ways of doing things and managing people. Based on experience, we have articulated how to create and maintain a great place to work from the leader’s perspective. Everything is described and analyzed through videos, individual, group activities, interactions with colleagues, talks with your tutor, thus aiming to achieve your best version of being a leader.

Giftwork® - People Manager Workshop

Building trust in the workplace is a powerful investment in your team and in your company.
Over time, it leads to better recruitment, lower turnover, more loyal customers, higher productivity, and just as importantly a more fulfilling experience for managers and team members alike. The Journey Workshop (Giftwork® Training for Managers) was conceived using this insight as the base and to help organizations translate this into behaviors and actions by managers that impact the creation of great workplaces.

Giftwork® Training helps you develop the capabilities of your people managers to transform your organization, one team at a time. Using the tools and techniques provided, managers will develop their skills to build trust-based relationships with their employees and take the necessary steps to generate and sustain a culture where employees cooperate, innovate, and give their personal best.

The key objectives of the workshop are to articulate the special role of leaders in creating a winning culture, identify obstacles that keep managers from creating a thriving workplace, evaluate their direct reports and create a coaching plan, and brainstorm ideas to take concrete actions to enhance workplace culture in a human, engaging way.

As key takeaways from the workshop, Managers will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of Trust in teams.
  • Recognize opportunities to create a great workplace environment.
  • Learn the application of tools and techniques to enhance trust and engagement within teams.
  • Design simple, yet powerful action plans to strengthen relationships at your workplace.

People Manager Capability Building and Certification

This program enables managers to assume responsibility for making a change, to create trust-based, high-performing teams. The program includes a senior leadership orientation session, and customisation of the manager workshops based on client context. The managers undergo a structured 2-day Giftwork® Training for Managers workshop, followed by 90 to 120 days of reinforcement initiatives with various touch points for the participants at regular intervals including review sessions to track action plans. The intervention ends with measurement of impact based on feedback from teams of the managers who have undergone the program, followed by recognition and certification of successful managers.